Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 UVU rball tourney

I entered into the UVU tournament, after Preston and Mike asked me if i was gonna play. I was gonna take a week off, and not play, since I had played in the Luck of the Heights tournament the week prior, and am still playing in a tourney next week (Marv Jensen Spring Smash). But after getting asked by multiple people if I was playing, i decided to support the tourney. Plus, being in UVU, was closer than most tournaments.
My first game was Wednesday night. I was excited to play, but leery, because I was still sore from a workout previously. I worried it would hinder my play. But forged along anyway. My first game, I lost. I didnt play well at all. But after being warmed up, I played much better the second game, and won. Onto the 3rd game. This one, i musta flipped my 'play crappy mode' switch, and lost. I wish i could figure out the magic that allows me to play so well one game, and soo poorly the next game.
So, now that I lost my first game in C Division, I was in the consolation round. My next game was to be on Friday night, almost the same time as my daughters play. However, the way that the draw worked its way out, I didnt have to play on Friday, but again on Saturday morning.
Only Alyssa could come to my Saturday game, as the rest of the family was busy with other things. So, we went down there to UVU, Alyssa and I, and attempted to find a place to park. It happened to be at the same time as some 'Run' event sponsored by UVU, and parking was atrocious. It took my 20 minutes to find a place where I could actually park. We finally made our way to the courts, and I warmed up. I was able to bring in my wireless headphones this time, and listen to them as i warmed up. I havent done this for quite some time, and it was nice to not have wires inhibiting me again. So, I warmed up, got in some great shots, got a sweat going, got moving. I felt good. I started playing my first game, and scored 2 points, while my opponent went on to score 15 points, regardless of the flailing that I did in and around him. I just stunk it up. Shots that are money makers for me, would come up 10 feet short. Frustrating.
In the second game, I turned a new leaf. I did really well. Alyssa recorded the event, and while I was watching this second game, I actually heard some spectator say 'wow, where did he pull that shot out'. I assume this was reference to the obvious history of the first game shenanigans. I ended up winning that game. And onto the third game, where I was able to pull out a win. Now I had a chance to play for the final of the consolation round. I could be the winner of the loosers.
This next match was to start at noon. Just an hour away. My arm and shoulder were pretty sore, so I tended to my wounds, even found some ice nearby to put on them. This helped me feel better. I rested and got ready for the next game.
The opponent was someone I had played before, but didnt think I played well against. During the first game, I kept up for quite awhile, even leading for a bit. I was feeling good, but obviously not 100%. I kept in the game about half the points, before I started hurting pretty badly, and everything went downhill from there. I lost the first match, and during the second match, I couldn't have played any worse, had I stood outside the court and just watched.
3 games on Wednesday. 5 games on Saturday. I won 3 of the 8 games. I must win more games in order to win... haha.
I did have a great time. My shoulder and arm are not suffering today as much as I thought they would be. Maybe I'm getting stronger after all, but am not entirely strong enough yet. I will keep working on it, and trying to get better. I would like to get up into the B Division someday. Maybe next year? I need to have a goal to get better. I do play so that I can be in better shape, and believe that this is being accomplished. I also like the social aspect of the game, and have made incredible friendships thru my play. This game has also strengthened us as a family, as we all participate in games and practice. It puts my kids and me on an even playing field when we coach each other. The strength of character it is building in my daughters is incredible. They have confidence to play, socialize, and even take on responsibilities as coach, referee and judge in tournament matches. Its great to see how much they have grown in the past few years, and I believe that his sport, and our participation in it has been a positive influence on us in many ways.
We will continue to participate. Play. Train. And grow. Both as racquetball players and people.

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Christy said...

you rock! good luck this week!