Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Battlefield Utah 03-28-2009

Last weekend (March 28th), I was lucky enough to participate in a paintballing event called BattleField Utah. Its located on top of a mountain near Eagle Mountain. It hosted 150 players on 2 teams. Game started at 10am, and ran until 1pm, we had a break for lunch, then it started again an hour later and ran until 4pm. We entered the fieldd after registering and getting marked for a team with a colored tape on the arm. Once on the field, fully dressed and protected, we proceeded to our dead zone. There were refs on the field, and other players actually playing. Once at the dead zone, we had a tent where we could take off our masks, and regroup. When time was up, on 15 minutes intervals, the ref would allow us to respawn. Each time i was killed, which was fairly often, i would return to the dead zone and wait to reenter the game. Some times, I had gotten great shots off, actually killing off other players. Other times i ran too quickly to the front lines and simply was eliminated. Some times, i would go out with other folks and team up and take out the other team. I didnt keep track of the times that I was killed, or the kills that I had. What i did do was recognize that i had a blast, worked up quite a sweat, went thru a bit of co2 and paint. At the end of the day, I had a blast and would do it again. There were some really frustrating times when players on the other team seemed to be cocky and were doing and saying things that got my ire up. But, after all, we were out with guns trying to kill one another.
I do enjoy the speed, stealth and actions of paintballing. Being able to give and take hits that are not leathal, but feel the rush, is an amazing thing. The field was large and allowed 150 people to move around easily. Flags were in well placed locations, and not visible until upon them. I would do it again, and look forward to doing it again next year.

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