Sunday, March 22, 2009

Team Building Exercise = Shooting Guns?

Wednesday, March 18th, my team at work and a couple other guys went out to west of Utah Lake and brought a ton of guns and shot up stuff for a couple hours in the afternoon. Michael has military training and a few guns to match that training. Dan has a share of guns himself. I think Scott even brough some of his own. I only had a 22 shotgun to contribute.

We all met up in Lehi, grabbed some lunch, and took off south of Saratoga Springs to find a place to shoot stuff. Surprisingly, there were already 4 groups of folks out there shooting, so we picked an area of the mountain that was secluded to set up.

We got a table setup, and spread out our weapons. Targets were setup, and we talked safety, and started shooting the small caliber weapons first. While shooting some of these, we heard a few stray ricoshets buzz past us. Kinda freaky sound, knowing that folks are around you shooting in your general direction. We honked out horns, hoping to get the message across. The strays seemed to cease for a period, and we continued setting up some targets for the higher powered weapons. While out in the field setting up stuff to shoot at, we started hearing some more strays come by. The hackles on the back of my neck were standing at attention and seiously forced me to take cover. Dan actually saw the bullet fly by, even with the pocket of air in the front breaking the sound barrier. I didnt see it, but felt enough to get a bit freaked out. We quickly dismantled our setup, and bolted from that area. No way we would be relaxed shooting stuff, with others shooting at us.

Once relocated, we setup some more targets and got to shooting stuff. All 5 of us took turns using different weapons and going through a bit of ammo. We had shotguns, various handguns, a few rifles, even an m4. It was all kinds of fun. Many things were hit, shattered, and so on. We found a ton of stuff laying around to shoot at, as well as had brought some of our own things to hit. I believe that we all had a good time, and most importantly, we were safe, and no one was hurt.

It was a great excursion and a lot of fun for all was had. Doing things with your coworkers outside the structure of work is always entertaining.

Below are some photos that we took of the event.

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