Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paintballing and Motorcycling?

This Saturday morning I got up, geared up, and took off before 930 to get to the paintball field. I have been following a local paintball store since my wife bought me a paintball marker and some other gear a couple of Christmas' ago. Periodically, the owner of JT Paintball will send out emails about games. This one was located on a great field near Eagle Mountain, Utah that is operated by Desert Edge. This is a great field, with a lot of room to play. I've been out there last year with 100+ people playing.

The field is located on a dirt road, past various farms. Its a typical Utah high desert area, with cedar brush and various other obstacles that make up some great hides to hunt the other team from. I even saw a couch out in the middle of the playing field. When we get rid of our couch, i may just bring it out there, since it'll add to the field of play, and make a great obstacle to shoot from.
There are two fields that Desert Edge plays in, and I have only been to one of them. I went to the other one first, thinking that it was where the game would be. The view was amazing, as it looked over saratoga springs, into lehi and the lake beyond. I could see my house. But no one else was there. I wondered around for a bit, enjoying he view, until i headed to the other field. Here, I
found a few folks, 10+, gearing up. After I geared up, we divided into teams and went out onto the field. I was one of 3 people that had played there before, so felt like i knew what was going on. I love playing here, because of all the trees and shrubs and built up obstacles. When using the trees, you can easily down the field, and see legs and bodies moving. If you sit still, and use the trees as cover, you may be able to sneak up on them. Its a great area, that allows you to move around in easily. I had some great shots, picked off some people, but was never the last on my team. I ended up getting shot each time i went onto the field. One was a great shot by the other guy. I had just hunted down a guy from the other team, and took him out well. All agreed it was a great shot. But afterwards, i was cocky and wondered away quickly, right into the waiting gunsights of of an enemy. Great shot. Another time, i had chased down 3 enemies, pushed them back with the help of a teammate. But when i went right, and he went left, he got distracted by another enemy, leaving the three to concentrate on me. I blew it, and ended up getting hit by a sniper guy in the trees, as i hunted 2 in a stand nearby. I never saw the guy in the tree, and he tagged me in the knee.

None of the shots were as hard as the week before during speedball. Each time i returned to the parking area, I could barely breath. Its a long walk back after getting shot, but even taking my time, i couldn't breath, as I had been exerting myself during the game so much. It felt great to run, jump, evade, shoot.
After the games (3-4), I packed up and headed home. Stopping by a gas station to treat myself with a Diet Sunkist and a Chocodile. I went home.

Once at home, we finally took down the Christmas lights. They usually spend quite a bit of time on our home, but it was time, and we had the afternoon. With all the family helping, we made quick work of it.

Afterwards, and since i had removed things in the garage to pack the Christmas lights, my dirtbikee was out... asking for a new handlebar to be put on. I started taking pieces off the old bars, making sure that i marked where things were, unlike last time. I slowly removed everything, and got the new bar put on. This time, i didnt attach it to the triple tree first, but attached the items first. Last time, i had a heck of a time with cables being too tight, having been put on incorrectly. I was slow and methodical and successful. I didnt get the grips or barkbusters put on, but did make good progress for having done it myself. I rarely do well with mechanical tasks, but did ok this time.

So, thats how I was able to combine paintball and motorcycling. I actually wish there was another way to combine them. Ive often thought it would be cool to get paintball geared up and ride quads. One paintballer on the back of the quad, one driver of the quad. We team up and play agains other similar groups. I would imagine there would be some severe injuries, but prior to that, i bet we'd have a blast acting out a real life Mario Kart.

I sure enjoy these hobbies, and am thankful for the time and abilities to participate in them whenever I can.

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