Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Things

Recently, on Facebook, I have been tagged for some Random notes from other people.
I avoided writing them down for a while, but finally got to them today. I wanted to keep a record of them here on my blog as well.

So, I'm simply reposting them here.

This one was difficult. Trying to come up with things that people may not know about. I am sure that some people will recognize some of them, but hope that the overall feeling is of newness.
The link is here on Facebook

And here is the contents of that post.

Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 4:00pm

I got tagged for this a few weeks ago, but put it off. Now, I guess should try to fill it out.

1. i do not have those little crescent half moons under my fingernails. None of my fingernails.

2. I have never seen another person not have them on their fingernails.

3. I have never eaten a hotdog from a gas station.

4. A goal in my life is to die without ever having a hotdog from a gas station.

5. I have never felt an earthquake, though i have lived in areas that have suffered earth quakes.

6. I killed my high school girlfriends cat, but never told her.

7. I love to play in the water, but am constantly afraid of what is in the water.

8. I just finished building an addition to our entertainment center. This is a project I have been trying to finish for 8+ years.

9. My home computer is surrounded by MDF.

10. My shoulder will click sometimes, since I tore my AC joint. Weirds me out.

11. The only time I really drank alcohol, was a 1/5th of vodka poured into the water tank of the motorhome so it would not freeze. Next day, i had i swig of it, and spit it out.

12. I can not tell the difference between Marijuana smoke and any other kind of cigarette smoke.

13. My sweet wife can tell the difference.

14. I was once (ok many times) party to tying up the next door neighbor girls to telephone poles, all under the guise of practicing our Boy Scout knots.

15. A movie i will always stop to watch is Tremors

16. I love to watch motorcycle racing with my wife and family. But do not like NASCAR.

17. I have had an MP3 player for many years, way before ipod existed.

18. I hate when animals poop in my yard (I don't have any animals) and the owners don't clean it up.

19. I collect coins and bills. Started while in Argentina serving a Mission for my Church.

20. My favorite treat is anything with chocolate and nuts. oh, and a Chocodile. And Apple Pie. Oh, and Reeses anything. Ok, I have lots of favorites.

21. Can still speak fluent Spanish, with an Argentine accent.

22. Love Baloo the bear.

23. I love blogging. I love reading others' blogs.

24. I have had over 600 hits from 33+ countries on my SQL Server Blog since starting it in November.

25. I hate driving.

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