Friday, January 16, 2009

Words Words Words and Wordl

On my Work related blog, I recently posted a blog about using Wordl. This is a word jumble tool that lets you input a website, or a series of words. For work related stuff, I had the idea of doing some Wordl's about my resume, my blog, twitter, etc.
But over here, on my family blog and hobby blog, I wanted to do something a little more non careerish.

So, I did our family mission statement. Not 1, but 3 different views of the words that make up our family mission statement. I liked the results.

Then I posted a few other documents I had that were church related.

Here is the Wordl from 'The Articles of Faith'

Here is the Wordl from 'The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood'

Thanks to the internet, and the Guttenberg project, I was able to pull text versions of the Book of Mormon into Wordl and produce the following jumbles.

Book of Mormon Preface

Book of Mormon - 1 & 2 Nephi

Book of Mormon - Jacob

Book of Mormon - Words of Mormon

Book of Mormon - Mosiah

Book of Mormon - Alma

I would like to add more to this as I find ideas to do Wordl jumbles on.
Let me know ideas, if you have them, in the comments section and I will publish the results.

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