Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Orem Open - Racquetball tournament - game 2

Game two pitted me against a guy from the Orem League that I have never played well against. Rory. In the first game, I actually was up in points for a bit, which suprised me. But I soon lost the lead, and never gained it back. I did put up a fight though.

In the second game, I simply sucked. Nothing seemed to work. If I didnt skip the ball, I would end up placing it where he would dink shot it in the corner. So, it was soon over, and I had lost. Too bad.

But, the goal was to play after having injured my shoulder 4+ months prior. I played a lot better than we all figured I could. I had to ice up after the first match, but I didnt on the second game, and the next day my arm and shoulder were fine. So, my strengthening regiment had helped. My trips to the gym have helped. And my patience in waiting to play has helped.

Now, I need to continue on, building more and more, and practicing. More tourneys will come my way, and I hope to be ready.

Tomorrow, we will go to Orem Rec again, and watch our girls play some games with other kids their age. I hope they enjoy themselves and do well in their games.

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Cleta said...

Good to hear you are almost painfree. Ironic to realize that I sit here, in the foyer of the Island Park Village Resort Reception building (it's closed and Superbowl is on, but the anteroom is heated and has access to internet) that my shoulder hurts too--from steering my snowmobile over rough terrain for four hours yesterday. It's good that it's the Sabbath so my body can rest up for the oncoming week of riding every day. Love MOM