Tuesday, October 28, 2008

shoulder update

On September 20th, i went to the hospital and had an x-ray.

1 month after my accident, i visited the doctor. this was the monday after christy's bday, so October 13th, 2 weeks ago. He saw my shoulder x-ray and commented that it was healing up a lot better than he thought it would have. The bone was dropping a lot more than he had hoped, and was on its way to healing well. He told me i could stop using the sling and start using the arm and strengthening it. He also said that withing a month, i could probably do whatever i was strong enough to do.

So, i took off the sling, and started moving. Within a few days, i was getting a lot more motion from my arm and shoulder. Soon, i was able to bath most of my body without wincing a lot. I could even put a shirt on a lot more easily now. Day by day, i was amazed at what i could do, and what actually still hurt a lot to do. The shoulder stopped hurting, except when touched or bumped. The other muscles started aching, from inactivity, and the resumed activity they were now suffering. So, wierd pains started appearing. I would get a knot in my back muscles. My upper peck would get stiff and sore. My tricept would stiffen up and ache. It was odd, and random. With increased activity, i was sure to have some side effects of pain and achiness.

I have continued to work thru it, and try to make a pattern of it, and avoid the worse of it. I even went to the gym in the first week, and got some advice on strengthening it. After a few simple exercises and a few days of ouchiness, here i am.

Continually rehabilitating, stretching, strengthening and hoping to get back on the bike and a racquet in my hand before the snow hits. My goal was to be moving in a month, hopefully back to ability to play soon after that month expired.

I have hiked to Delicate Arch, Mesa Arch, camped with the family, been to the gym, started doing pushups, mowed some of the yard, and relearned to dress myself. These are all goals i have acheived in sooner time than some thought. I must be patient, and not hurt it, but continue to get better.

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