Sunday, October 5, 2008

rball season is upon us

the weekend after labor day was the first tournament of the year. I signed up in 1 division, and hoped to do well. My back has been hurting me for a few months now, and we finally figured out it was probably my chair at work that caused it. So bending over still caused me pain. I had not played in a month during august because of it, and was bit rusty. I started waring up for the first game, and was suprised i was moving well. I had taken some advil and sprayed biofreeze on my back in preparation. When the game got underway, i started off well, and was dong well against my opponent. I had a couple instances where i bent too far over, and it hurt a bit. But i recovered. I kept playing, and got tired, soon. about 6 points in on my side, and my opponent caught up and surpassed me easily. I never did catch up. He took the first game, and we went onto the next game. I played better in this one, but still was down, and never caught up. so i lost my first tournament game, heartily. Sad, since i felt that at my height last year, i would have easily done a lot better, and probably won the games. Oh well, goal was to play, see my rball family of friends, and get back into the sport after a frustrating month of back pain. Those goals were accomplished. I hope to practice well, and get ready for my next tourney in november.

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