Monday, August 11, 2008

American Fork Single Track

Wednesday August 6th, a group of us went up American Fork canyon and parked at Pine Hollow trail head and rode mane trails on the trail system in this canyon. We love the single track systems up here; they are closeby, take you thru beautiful and rugged areas. We rode trail 047 up too 157, over too summit, then down 252, then up 252 where it hooked up with 157 again. from there, we went down to tibble fork lake parking lot, rounded the damn, and back up one of the 040 or 041 trails too 157 again, looping back to where we started it all. 2.5 hours or so was the entire trip. We had a couple falls, but no real bad ones. It had rained, so the trail was wet in areas, and all the vegitation had water on it. One river crossing allowed me to get wet all the way up to my shoulders, and the wet trails allowed mud to get into crevices on the bike and myself that i never expected. Marcus didnt make it, and Kent wasnt able to complete it. We'll have to do it again, to give all a hance to experience it.

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