Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update : Day 50, after tearing my AC joint

This week, I went and play racquetball with the family and Bishop Paas. I was thrilled that I could play, albeit not at my high level of last season. I was able to swing and get to the ball, and return it.
Today, I went out to 5 mile pass and road my dirt bike. It's the first time i was back on it since Iwent down 50 days ago, tearing my AC joint. I went back to the rock that threw me down. I rode around with Kent, Kevin, JT and George. Tyler was even there riding with his dad.
We road simple trails and I was able to do it, with a little bit of struggling. I was and am thrilled I have been able to heal quickly and get back into action. I need to strengthen and get better, but I'm back baby!

Here's a picture of me out riding.

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Christy said...

way to go you handsome dude! :) love you!