Saturday, November 20, 2010

New street bike

Monday this week, I picked up a street bike from a local seller from KSL. It is a 1997 Honda Shadow ACE 1100. It's black, and it great condition.

I've known for years that I would eventually get me a street bike to compliment the dirt bike. As the years marched on, in my minds eye, I can see myself getting on a street bike for a quick ride to de-stress. I didn't want it to be too soon that I didn't appreciate it, or too old to appreciate it either.
Life tends to continue to get busier and more stress from time to time. It has its ups and downs. I used to be able escape briefly from life thru the TV and movies. Maybe im becoming immune to this, like one does if they take pain medication too often. Weekends tend to be less frequently able to be escapes, what with other plans, work on-call rotations, and sometimes the weather planing a part in thwarting my plans. I've noticed the last few months the desire for a quick hour or two of escape on random evenings, that would necessitate more planning for other activities. However a street bike ride would fit the bill nicely. Just throw on some gear quickly and ride away. No planning like I have to do to go dirtbiking, no coordinating with other peoples schedules, my own schedule and my families schedule... just get on and go. Assuming that there is time enough for the activity.

So, we were blessed to have found some money, sufficient to get a descent bike that can fit this bill. I started my hunt with a little more surgical approach. Heretofore I had been looking at a lot of possibilities. Once the amount was set, we had a cap, and that made it easier to search. Setting a lower cap also ensured that I got something that was descent. The hunt began.

With shopping buddies lending their expertise, with KSL providing options, and my excitement, I set out to find something I'd like. I set about to test drive some of the bikes to get a feel for them. The first one I tried, I absolutely loved. It had a lot of miles though. I kept looking, with this one at the top of my list. I tried a few more, and soon realized what type I liked. One weekend, my brother Brad showed up and hung out with us a few days, and I went to see a bike that was similar to those I've tried, but a little older. I didnt think that I would actually like it. However, I did. It had half the miles the first bike had, and felt great. A trip to the bank to get the money was a bust, as it gave me errors. So we had to wait for Monday to get any money. This let me think it over for the day.

I made an offer and he counter offered. Mine was 400 under. He went down a bit, I went up a bit, we settled somewhere in the middle. I got a good deal, he got a good deal. I got a bike.
Ive taken it out a number of times in the past week, usually in the dark, and just around the neighborhood. So far, I've gotten each member of my family (including my wife) to take a ride with me. They have all loved it, and I have had quite the workout of my smile muscles. So far, so good.

I'm anxious for some clear days, with little weather occurring, and cold or not, I will take her out for a ride and get acquainted. Come spring, well, I cant wait to take it out more and more and more...

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