Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Racquetball League

A few years ago, we took the kids to a youth racquetball league. This is where we met Roger Flick, a former BYU racquetball coach. He was the first to notice the potential in Kylie in playing the sport, and started our family down the road we now find ourselves, where we are all interested in racquetball in some fashion. Since that time, Kylie and Alyssa have played in many tournaments, and leagues. Both have even medaled in tournaments, including Utah State tourneys. Its been a fun adventure, and keeps the family together, while exercising.

Last year, Roger called me about the adult league that I had played in the year prior, to see if I was attending again. And if I was, would Kylie be interested in helping him out. She, of course, accepted with honors. What a great privilege this has been. The first time she did it, she simply helped with administrative tasks, while the league occurred. She would sit at the table, and do anything needing to be done, to record scores, keep track of players, boot people out of courts that shouldn't be there, and generally corral all the players in the league. This current league, she has participated. Playing most players, if not all of them, over the 12 week course of the league. It has been a wonderful experience for her, as well as the other players to assist in her training, and force them to think differently about their own game as they played her. She has grown to have some of her favorites opponents, and luckily I am still on that short list.

What a great opportunity she was given, and continues to experience with this opportunity. Thanks so much to Roger for allowing her this chance to improve her game, and social standing in the league as well as the Racquetball Community. Its a special thing for me to bring her each week as we get to talk before and after the league about all kinds of things, bringing our bond closer and closer with each passing week. We are truly blessed.


Christy said...

this is a great opportunity for both of you to foster your relationship and continue to be able to talk and be friends. love you both!

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