Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bunker Hill motorcoross track in June 2009

As we approached yet another weekend in June, the weather folks were telling us that it was gonna be cold and rainy. Kinda like a typical day in April. We've had so many of these, that we have given up on Summer actually arriving, and any use of our boat will have to wait for warmer times.
In the meantime, we are still in riding season. 50-75 degrees is almost perfect weather for riding. With the dirt having been wet by the showers from above, no dust should impede our vision either. So, the choice is obvious. Dirtbiking. Somewhere.

During the week, we talk about going to 5 mile pass, Price track and then Delta Track with neighbors. Friday, after work, I come home, and load up all the bike onto the trailer, and put the trailer in the garage for the night. It has all we need, but food, drink, our bodies and a truck to pull it, all of which will be added on Saturday morning.

We get a lazy start to the day, not rising before 9am. We take our time getting ready, and actually drive off a little before 11am. Plans were to go by 10am, get there by noon, ride until 2-3, and return back to our valley. We had a concert to goto in a park near Saratoga Springs at 8pm.

On the road, we make a quick pit stop at the neighbors house, as his vehicles are no where near ready or loaded to go, and are still sitting idling by in front of his house. After knocking on the door, we find out that they had canceled plans, and were not going at all to ride. Bummer. We took off anyways.

As we are want to do, as we head south, we have to make our pilgrimage to our favorite store of the entire world, in Payson. We needed a couple small things, a helmet for Lyssa and a couple items to return. We place a will-call order for the items we wanted to get while on the way, thus minimizing the time spent in the store, yet still getting products we needed. However, Lyssa's head proved to be a problem, and 4 helmets and an hour later, we left the store with the items we needed. Convincing ourselves that we were partway already to Delta, we left in good spirits. The weather was cloudy all the way to Nephi, but we avoided the morning showers that were promised by the weatherman. After Nephi, we climbed over some hills, saw cowboys rustling cattle, and headed into the next valley. Here was when it started raining. And if i didnt know any better, i would have said that the clouds had scooped up the entirety of Utah Lake, and proceeded to dump it upon us, the entire way to Delta. About an hour of road travel and the entire time we were drenched. Just outside of Delta, it stopped raining. Once at the track, no rain was in sight of our nearby surroundings.

We rode and rode and rode. Kids were on the little track, and Dad on the big track.
Each kid had a good experience on riding, even Treyson got some seat time on the flats as he went round and round the parking area, as far as he could go. Alyssa rode so long, her legs and hands hurt. Kylie has a hard time sharing the track with other kids anxious to pass her. We all ended up learning and riding and having a good time. Dad got to use his new helmet cam, and hoped that it would work properly. It actually recorded some great video that I will post later.

As we were packing up to go, it looked like rain would soon be upon us again. It wasn't until we took off, and were safely in the vehicle, that we got pounded with rain again. On and off, most of the way home, we were inundated with deluges from above. Sometimes, we could skirt the storm, others, the road led us directly into its path.

On the way back, we went from Delta to Eureka to Goshen and then to Saratoga Springs. About 20 minutes before the concert, we checked the directions on Facebook to see where the place was at. Thats when we learned that it was canceled, due to rain. We stopped by our friends the Lyons home for a bit. While there, the rain started up again, and again, we thought the heavens had opened up their floodgates, and were outpouring its contents in its entirety. I have lost count how many times we got dumped on, and dumped on hard. All our gear was so wet. Luckily, the Lyons lent us a tarp to cover our gear bags.

We went home, and dumped the trailer in the garage, to await a day this week when we would actually wash all the muddy, items within.

some more pics in my facebook album

videos on ContourHD website


Christy said...

It was so much fun! Love the pics! :)

Cleta said...

Sounds like a good day, the kind we used to have as a family. Love, MOM