Sunday, March 9, 2008

Luck of the Heights 2008 rball tourney

I entered into this tournament in the Men's C division. My first game was against mallory on Thursday night. The first game, i won fairly easily 15-9. The second game, i lost way too easily. And then i lost the third game as well. Nothing seemed to work for me that night, after the first game. Odd.

My consolation game was Friday night at 7pm. I played Jesse VanValkenburg. I lost the first game by 2 points. I played way hard, but came up short. Second game, i was able to do much better and won 15-9. I figured i'd take third game, and had a 10-4 lead, but Jesse got all my serves, and came back and beat me 11-10. Tough loss for me. We ended up playing almost an hour and half. I even took some dives to get the shot, and even got up to get the next shot. My knee is still hurting, but it was a blast to get the shot. We videoed most of my games to review and learn from. I shot video of the girls as well, so they could see and learn from their games.

Kylie and Alyssa both entered the tournament as well. Both played 2 people in round robin format. Kylie played 2 boys her age, and scored well against both of them. One boy was new to tournaments, while the other has beat her before. She set herself some goals, and accomplished them, and was real proud of her performances. This is her second tournament as a single bounce player, and its taking some getting used too. She had a private instruction with Roger Flick last month, and he taught her a great serve. She used this serve and scored some great points. She took third in her division, winning her a container of new balls.

Alyssa played as a multi bounce player against two girls playing as double bounce. Lyssa has some mean serves for 2 bouncers to snag. She scored a lot of points, winning her first game, and doing real well the second game. She took second in her division, winning her a new glove.


Nisa said...

Can't some of your hobbies include the kiddos so we can see regular munchkin pics??? We love you guys!

tjaybelt said...

This activity does include the munchkins. they play rball, even medaled in the State Singles tourney last year.