Monday, January 7, 2008

January 2007 rball tourney

I played 19 games of rball last week. Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday day.
I entered in 2 divisions, D Singles and D Doubles. I played with Charles Conklin in doubles.
The tournament ended up being a Round Robin format, with a lot of games. I had hoped to win more than I did. I expected to win more singles games, but had a tough time winning. I came back in a lot of the games, and won the second game, then thought I would take the last game, but failed to execute. In doubles matches, we won one fairly easily, but had to fight the rest of them to the end. Some games we did really well in, and one many games, but not all.
The tournament was for charity, for breast cancer. We participated in the silent auctions and won a pink backpack for Alyssa. Both Alyssa and Kylie helped out a bit, with washing dishes and other chores. They also played a lot with friends, and even helped coach me in most of my games. Kylie is getting an eye for the game, and enjoys watching and helping me. I truly appreciate her input and assistance.
The tournament was fun, but not as much a success as i had hoped for. Its only the second time i played doubles with Charles. We learned a lot, and hope to do better next time.

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